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New EMI/EMC Online Course Bundle - Save $595 for a limited time!

New EMI/EMC Online Course Bundle - Save $595 for a limited time!

Mar 2023

Tackle EMI/EMC design and/or troubleshooting challenges confidently after taking our new on-demand courses from Arturo Mediano.

Take both courses now and save $595 through May 31: Limited time EMI/EMC Bundle - Sign up now!

If you are dealing with an existing design and need to troubleshoot issues methodically, then EMI/EMC Troubleshooting Techniques is for you (included in the bundle). Approximately eight hours of lecture material, including demonstrations in the lab, will help you develop a rational and efficient approach to solving these often vexing issues. 

A short course to discover practical techniques, instruments, and tools for diagnostic and troubleshooting of EMI/EMC problems. Troubleshooting or debugging EMI problems is usually frustrating especially when a trial and error strategy is used. Discover how to localize, characterize, and solve emissions and immunity EMI problems in a very understandable and entertaining style.

Of course, the best way to deal with EMI/EMC problems is to avoid creating them in the first place.  EMI/EMC Design Fundamentals will develop your skills in the design process with about 20 hours of lecture (included in the bundle). 

This course covers the methodology of designing an electronic product to minimize the possibilities of having problems of electromagnetic interferences (EMI) or Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). The course presents the ways in which an electronic system can generate and/or receive EMI causing failure to meet EMC regulations. A practical approach with many real world examples, techniques, simulation and hardware tools for EMI design will be explained to minimize costs, production and marketing delays considering EMI in the design phase.

Both courses are available to start right away, so sign up now and start saving time and money by preventing/solving your EMI/EMC issues!