Applied RF Engineering Certification

RF/Wireless Engineering Certification from Besser Associates

Besser Associates is pleased to announce our online Applied RF Engineering Certification program. This program will provide you with the essential skills to tackle RF and Wireless design and integration projects effectively. The online format of the course work allows you to learn the material wherever you are and whenever you like within the course period. The requirements for certification include completion of three core courses along with an elective course. Each core course includes a 25 question multiple choice test that must be passed with an 80% score.

Required Core Courses

These courses were created specifically for this certification program.

Applied RF Engineering I - Circuits and Transmission Lines (270)

  • Understand the behavior of common components at high frequencies
  • Create matching networks using analytical techniques
  • Work with transmission lines
  • Avoid basic layout problems related to vias and ground inductance

Applied RF Engineering II - Signals and Propagation (271) 

  • work with DSP tools to create basic waveforms
  • view relationships between time and frequency domains
  • interpret the basic relationship between frequency and path loss
  • identify basic antenna performance metrics
  • interpret modulations: AM, FM, QPSK, QAM 
  • work with CDMA, OFDM
  • evaluate wireless standards based on common signal building blocks

Applied RF Engineering III - System Design Considerations (272)

  • Understand key factors that limit system performance
  • Identify the role and limitations of each functional block in the transceiver chain
  • Identify sources of unwanted signals that can desensitize receivers

Elective Courses (Choose one)

Complete one of the following courses:

~S = available in subscription
~P = available in subscription as part of our RF Wireless Passport

Track Your Team's Learning Online

If you have a group of five or more employees who need training in the same online course, we can set up a dedicated class for you, at a time that you choose. As a supervisor/manager you can even log in and see your employee's progress in each course! Purchase multiple seats and enroll your employees yourself as you see fit - or we can do it for you!

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