Public Classroom

Public Courses

Traditional classroom courses offer a tremendous amount of material in the shortest possible time. The classroom environment maximizes interaction among the students and with the instructor. Even the break periods offer opportunities for spontaneous questions and further learning.

On Site Training Group

On-Site Training

The majority of the training we provide is held at company facilities both domestically in the U.S. and internationally. On-site training offers all of the benefits of a classroom course with the added convenience of having the training right at your site.

E-Learning Group


The most flexible training format allows students to access the class material from anywhere an internet connection is available. Besser Associates offers E-learning material in three possible formats: pre-recorded lectures; live webinars; and video recorded classroom sessions.

Featured Courses and Offers

RF Mentor Academy Subscription

RF Mentor Academy Subscription

Now available on RF Mentor Academy Subscription: RF Wireless Circuit, System and Test Fundamentals (Course 112). Part one of this five part course is now available with approximately three hours of instruction. Look for another part to be added each month!

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January 2021


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January 2021


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April 2020


Two Free Courses With Online Subscription Available Through September

March 2020


Phased Array Antennas Courses: 5G mm-Wave/Radar Applications

May 2019


Coming Soon: RF/Wireless Orientation | Devices and Industry Literacy

January 2019


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