On-site recordings expand the reach of your training

On-site Classroom Recordings

Expand the reach of your classroom training sessions with professional video recordings. Multiple cameras are employed to record all of the important information given during the lectures. These recordings are professionally edited together into sessions that can be viewed online via our learning management system. Students in remote sites or with schedule conflicts who were unable to attend the live session can now benefit from the training as well. Or simply use the videos to be able to review the material after the class is over - the choice is yours!

Combine our online courses with classroom sessions to create your own custom training program for your team.

Course Suggestions

The following courses are currently available for delivery on-site with the online classroom recordings option. This list is not comprehensive and is subject to change. 

Next Steps: 

You can request more information about planning a course at your site with no obligation. You can either:

  1. Provide some basic information on our Corporate Training Request form, or
  2. Simply browse our course catalog for a course that interests you, then click on the "Request information about bringing this course to your site" link from the course description page.
  3. Be sure to mention in your comments that you are interested in classroom recordings!

View a Sample

The sample below shows approximately three minutes of a lecture covering receiver architectures.