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Experience a Classroom Course

... with online convenience!

Besser Associates now offers two public course presentations, professionally video recorded, with online accessibility anywhere you have internet access!

Rick Fornes' entire two day classroom presentation of RF Fundamentals and Wireless System Design has been professionally video recorded and edited into online video "episodes." The entire collection is offered as an online course (see outline to register).

Also available: RF and High Speed PCB and EMI Design Fundamentals, a two-day course also taught by Rick Fornes.

During your access period (60 days), students can view the lectures and ask questions at their own pace from any location with internet access. Each recorded "episode" can be started and stopped as you wish. A PDF copy of the course notes is also provided to allow you to follow along with the material.

Sign up now and enjoy the following features:

  • High Definition (HD) video
  • Professional quality audio
  • Multiple camera angles to show whiteboard details, slide overviews
  • Segmented into ~30 - 60 minute "episodes"
  • Play, pause, rewind as desired
  • Compatible with mobile devices/tablets
  • Ask questions via online forum or private email

Corporate Recording Services

This recording service is also available to corporate customers who wish to extend the reach and accessibility of their classroom training sessions. Schedule an on-site classroom course and have it professionally recorded, edited, and hosted online via our learning portal. Additional students can log in access the class notes and recordings from any location around the world. Managers can optionally manage students and track their progress.

View a Sample

The sample below shows approximately three minutes of a lecture covering receiver architectures.

Besser Associates Academy Online

Our "learning management system," or LMS, keeps track of where you are in your coursework so that you can access it any time and pick up where you left off. You just need an internet connection to start learning.

RF Mentor Screen Snapshot

Track Your Team's Learning Online

If you have a group of five or more employees who need training in the same online course, we can set up a dedicated class for you, at a time that you choose. As a supervisor/manager you can even log in and see your employee's progress in each course! Purchase multiple seats and enroll your employees yourself as you see fit - or we can do it for you!

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