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Current courses and tutorials available in the RF Mentor Academy Subscription program.

EMC/EMI Shielding/Grounding for Chip & PCB Layout (140)

Subscription Courses
Five 90-minute sessions. This seminar discusses techniques for identifying the sources of unwanted coupling and radiation, and systematic approaches for their minimization. This course is available as part of the RF Mentor Academy subscription. Objectives:Define electromagnetic compatibility.Identify sources of coupling and radiation.Discuss and simulate the effectiveness of various shielding strategies. Target Audience:Product and package design engineers of all expertise levels will benefit from this course. A basic engineering background (BSEE or equivalent) is required....

Impedance Matching Using Analytical Techniques (229)

Subscription Courses
The need for impedance matching is rooted in basic AC circuit analysis principles. In basic terms, maximum power transfer occurs when the current and voltage are in phase. This workshop examines analytical techniques to design impedance matching networks that deliver the most power possible to an RF load. Q factor and its effect on matching network bandwidth are also described.Online WorkbookThe course includes an online workbook exercise to design a single section and broadband matching network using the techniques described in the lecture. The resulting matching network is also demonstrated...

Introduction to Radar (253)

Subscription Courses
This seminar provides an introduction to basic Radar design, techniques and operational capabilities. It covers a definition of radar, basic radar fundamentals, types of radars, derivation of the radar equation in multiple forms, radar range equation and range ambiguity, minimal detectable range, signal and noise analysis, MDS, clutter, detection process, probability of detection and false alarm, range accuracy and resolution, range and bearing determinations, radar cross section, displays PPI, Moving Target Indicator MTI, blind speeds, multiple pulse MTI radar, Doppler, multipath, basic...

RF and Wireless a la Carte (178)

Subscription Courses
Instructor Rick Fornes has trained hundreds of students on dozens of RF and wireless subjects with Besser Associates over the last 20+ years. Now, thanks to the flexibility offered by our Subscription program, we can offer you individual modules from some of Rick's most popular courses in an "a la Carte" format. Some of the modules appear in multiple courses, while others were developed for specific courses with a unique topic focus.We will continue to add to the list of modules as they become available, so check back for updates.Currently available modules:Why Digital?Receiver...

RF and Wireless Made Simple

Subscription Courses
Learn how to speak engineer…or at least understand them!…and learn at your own pace.…RF & Wireless Made Simple online course can teach a basic understanding of RF and wireless technology in as little as 8 hours, or up to six months whenever you need a "refresher". Frequently used terms will be explained, as well as how to calculate dB. The names and functions of RF system components are discussed and a description of how they interact to generate and process signals is provided. The course explains the basic principles of signal processing and multiple access techniques in wireless...

RF Power Amplifiers & GaN Technology (228)

Subscription Courses
Three two-hour sessions. There are a number of semiconductor technologies being used for power amplifier design. This course introduces students to the GaN transistor, its properties, various structures, discrete and MMIC devices. The properties of GaN will be presented showing the advantage of these devices over other materials for power amplifier applications. Material will be presented on GaN HEMT transistors, geometries, semiconductor processes and structures with associated breakdown voltages, power capability, gain, efficiency, and frequency performance. Guidelines for reliable...

RF Wireless Circuits, Systems and Test Fundamentals (112)

Subscription Courses
This course provides RF engineers, system designers, manufacturing engineers and other professionals with the essential concepts needed to understand effectively RF and wireless products. This program provides a thorough understanding of RF parameters and as they apply to Wireless applications. At the system level, this course combines theory with real-life examples, providing participants with a complete foundation in understanding architectures - the physical layer requirements and RF measurement techniques.Learning objectivesUpon completing the course you will be able to:Describe RF...

5G Multi Carrier Based Multiple Access Techniques

Subscription Tutorials
Now available exclusively to RF Mentor Academy Subscribers! Instructor Doug Morais presents a 90 minute OFDM|5G|NR tutorial.This tutorial is based in part on material in Chapter 7 of his recent book with Springer titled "Key 5G Physical Layer Technologies: Enabling Mobile and Fixed Wireless Access." Topics:5G Definitions: ITU 3GPP5G NR (New Radio)OFDMFrequency and Timing SynchronizationPhase NoiseOFDMADFT Spread OFDM (DFTS-OFDM)5G NR NumerologiesOther 5G NR Considered Waveforms

Chalk-Talk Tutorials

Subscription Tutorials
A series of tutorials in "chalk-talk" format, similar to courses on the popular "Khan Academy" site.1. Signal Flow Graphs  with Rex Frobenius:Signal Flow Graphs allow RF/Microwave circuit designers to use graphical techniques as an alternative to brute-algebraic approaches. By learning four key tools for working with the graphs, the majority of circuit problems can be analyzed. 

Digital Modulation Webinar

Subscription Tutorials
This seminar covers the basics of analog and digital modulation, including sampling and pulsed signals. The fundamental digital modulation formats such as BPSK, QPSK, and QAM are described. Continuous-phase formats (MSK, FSK) are covered as well.Learning Objectives:identify the benefits of digital vs. analog modulationidentify the symptoms of aliasing caused by under-sampling a signalapply pulse theory to the understanding of frequency and time domain interactionidentify basic digital modulation formats (BPSK, QPSK, etc.)understand tradeoffs between data rate and noise immunity Outline:...

Electronic Warfare: Jammers Tutorial Series

Subscription Tutorials
This tutorial series by instructor Scott Bullock consists of three parts.Part 1 describes the operation of Automatic Gain Control (AGC) systems, a key target of electronic warfare (EW) attack strategies. Topics discussed include:AGC PrinciplesDesignsFeedbackControl SystemLoop filter, Threshold level, IntegratorControl TheoryAGC ResponsesError analysisBode Plots/StabilityAGC Jamming: Burst/PulseCapturing the AGCReducing Burst Jammers Parts 2 and 3 will discuss jammers in more detail. Topics will include:Spot Jammer – jams a single frequencyBarrage – Sends out a barrage of frequenciesCW –...

Integrated Circuits for mmWave

Subscription Tutorials
Explore the unique benefits of mmWave technology for RF applications in this three part premium tutorial with Dr. Ali Darwish.Part 1 of 35G/mmWave/Waveguide bandsWhy mmWave?Reason 1: bandwidthReason 2: powerReason 3: sizeReason 4: multi-beam

Introduction to RF/Wireless Receivers Webinar

Subscription Tutorials
Besser Associates instructor Scott Bullock presents a tutorial webcast on Introduction to Receivers.Topics covered in the webinar include:Parts of the ReceiverImage FrequencyLNA'sMixer Spur AnalysisHigh/Low Level Mixers and IntermodulationPhase NoiseFilters/Group DelayDynamic RangeAGCMinimum Discernible SignalTangential Sensitivity

Power Amp ABC's Webinar

Subscription Tutorials
One-hour webinar. Instructor Allen Podell gives a brief overview of the basics of RF power amplifier design.

Reflectionless Filters Premium Tutorial

Subscription Tutorials
One hour tutorial on reflectionless filters design by instructor Bob Froelich.Table of contents:00:00 Titles/Introduction05:15 Symmetric Networks06:45 Even/Odd Excitations14:45 Low Pass Design37:25 Numerical Example38:50 Simulation50:00 References, Future Topics

RF/Wireless Small Signal Amplifiers - Webinar

Subscription Tutorials
Instructor Bob Froelich presents a one-hour tutorial webcast on Small Signal Amplifiers.This presentation includes the following topics:Small-Signal ApplicationsSmall-Signal Performance MetricsGainNoise FigureDistortionPower ConsumptionDC BiasIncludes prototype online self study guide

Satellite Communications Webinar

Subscription Tutorials
This one-hour webinar provides an overview and introduction to the unique issues related to space-terrestrial comms links.Topics include:General Satellite OperationSatellite two-way communicationsModulationTypes of Satellite OrbitsGround Station Antennas and FeedsG/T, Equivalent Temperature, Link BudgetMultiple Access, CostTypes of Satellites used for CommunicationsFuture Predictions and Upgrades, TDRS

Webinar - What Will 5G Be?

Subscription Tutorials
This webinar will provide an overview of areas 5G will address.  We will begin with a discussion on the shortcomings of present day cellular systems to highlight the items needing to be addressed in 5G.  Provide the overall 5G goals and pillar use cases as defined by ITU.  Several deployment options will be provided and summary of the 3GPP scenarios provided.  Key system parameters will be discussed and the impact of 5G to a Cloud-RAN network architecture will be highlighted. Shortcomings of existing Cellular Standards5G Goals & Use CasesDeployments OptionsSystem...

Subscription Latest Updates

Most recent subscription activity.

Subscription Updates October 2021

New Premium Tutorial: Automatic Gain ControlInstructor Scott Bullock has prepared a premium tutorial  on Automatic Gain Control, Burst or Pulse Jammer Improvement, and Reduce Results  as part of a new Electronic Warfare Tutorial Series.

Subscription Updates August 2021

New Premium Tutorial: Part 1 of  Integrated Circuits for mmWave ApplicationsInstructor Ali Darwish has prepared a premium tutorial (part 1 of 3) on Integrated Circuits for mmWave. This new premium tutorial is now available for all RF Mentor Academy Subscribers. 

Subscription Updates June 2021

We are re-organizing material from Rick Fornes' RF Wireless Circuits, Systems and Test Fundamentals course by topic area and making those topics available as individual "lessons" in a new "a la Carte" format.  Each lesson includes 60-90 minutes of lecture and notes. As a start to this project we have assembled two topic lessons: "Why Digital" and "Receiver Criteria." These are now available to subscribers in the new RF and Wireless a la Carte (178) course. 

Subscription Updates May 2021

New This Month Subscription exclusive - 5G/NR/OFDM: Instructor Doug Morais published a new book with Springer last year titled "Key 5G Physical Layer Technologies: Enabling Mobile and Fixed Wireless Access." Based partially on the book, Doug will be presenting a 90 minute tutorial titled 

Subscription Updates April 2021

New This Month Session four of Rick Fornes' RF Wireless Circuits, Systems and Test Fundamentals course is available at the start of the month.

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