RF/Wireless Design: Circuit Level

These courses are intended for professionals who are designing or troubleshooting RF or wireless products at the circuit or component level.

Fundamental RF Techniques

These programs provide anyone working in the RF industry with the opportunity to efficiently increase their understanding of RF terminology, components, and systems.

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RF Circuit Design (Linear): S-Parameters, Smith Chart, Passive Components, LNA's

Courses covering this topic provide circuit-level designers with the fundamental concepts needed to work effectively with high frequency electronics. Participants gain analytical, graphical, and computer-aided techniques to analyze and optimize RF circuits in practical situations. The courses address linear active circuit design, focusing on stability, bandwidth, and noise considerations.

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RF Circuit Design (Nonlinear): Power Amps, Mixers, Oscillators

Courses dedicated to this topic provide participants with an understanding of advanced RF and microwave design techniques. Participants are given an overview of nonlinear devies such as receivers, large signal power amplifiers, oscillators, and mixers. For each of the major topic areas, participants learn the underlying theory of operation, design techniques, operational and performance parameters. Design tradeoffs, linearization, and efficiency enhancement techniques of nonlinear circuits are presented.

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RF Power Amplifier Design

The design of power amplifiers for wireless systems for both mobile and fixed applications requires specialized design techniques.

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Antenna design is playing an increasingly important role in the performance of both fixed and mobile products. Courses in this topic provide an understanding of antenna types and performance parameters.

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PLL/Frequency Synthesis/Phase Noise/Jitter

This topic provides both the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to design frequency synthesis circuits and systems using phase-locked loops and related technologies. Key topics covered include: Laplace transfer function, phase noise, oscillators, fractional-n PLL, direct digital synthsis.

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RF/MW Integrated Circuit (RFIC/MMIC) Design

Engineers designing integrated circuits will benefit from these courses on RF CMOS and available processes for custom integration.

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DSP Digital Signal Processing

These courses develop the student's fundamental understanding of DSP theory. The practical aspects of signal processing techniques are stressed allowing DSP professionals to make their processing algorithms more efficient.

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mm-Wave: Millimeter Wave Techniques

Both military/aerospace and now commercial applications are finding themselves utilizing higher frequencies in the millimeter-wavelength range. These courses cover techniques to optimize performance and contend with unique issues at these frequencies.

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