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Look at all you can do with Subscription + Passport!

Look at all you can do with Subscription + Passport!

Jun 2023

Our RF/Wireless Passport program offers a core set of knowledge from three of our most popular courses on circuit, system and PCB design. Topics are rotated approximately every eight months, making all three courses available over the span of two years (subscriptions cost $995/year).

But there's more…

Since the RF/Wireless Passport program is part of our RF Mentor Academy Subscription, not only do you get access for an entire year at a time, but you also get access to all of the other great content that's part of the subscription catalog.
For example, let's say you have viewed Rick Fornes' lecture on RF power amplifiers that is part of "topic group C" in the passport program. If you want to dive deeper into that topic you can easily view the "Power Amplifier ABC's" tutorial by Allen Podell - or - take the entire "RF Power Amplifiers and GaN Technology" course by Ali Darwish. Both are already included with your subscription - no need for additional funding/approval requests!
The low noise amplifiers topic can similarly be expanded upon with the available "Small Signal Amplifiers" tutorial from Bob Froelich. Topic groups A and B discuss transmission lines, matching and Smith Chart topics. You can dive deeper into these topics with the "RF Design Core Concepts" and "Impedance Matching Using Analytical Techniques" courses also by Bob Froelich.
As the topics in the RF/Wireless Passport program are rotated through the subscription, our aim is to continue to make tutorials and related short courses that align with those topics available to subscribers at the same time. For example, when the topic groups for the passport program rotate to focus on "RF and High Speed Digital PCB Fundamentals", we aim to offer tutorials and short courses on EMI/EMC related topics to subscribers at the same time.

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