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Course 112: RF Wireless Circuits, Systems and Test Fundamentals - $1,095 value - now available in subscription!

Course 112: RF Wireless Circuits, Systems and Test Fundamentals - $1,095 value - now available in subscription!

May 2023

This course provides RF engineers, system designers, manufacturing engineers and other professionals with the essential concepts needed to understand effectively RF and wireless products.

This program provides a thorough understanding of RF parameters and as they apply to Wireless applications. At the system level, this course combines theory with real-life examples, providing participants with a complete foundation in understanding architectures - the physical layer requirements and RF measurement techniques. 

Now included with your RF Mentor Academy Subscription! 

Note: this course is a "super-set" of course 137: RF System Design Fundamentals. It contains all topics from this course as well as some additional material!

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Discover the new RF/Wireless Passport Program!

"This program is great for busy RF/Wireless professionals - view lectures 'a la carte' when you have time - minimize overlap between courses - subscription lasts a whole year, topics rotate every 8 months"

Learn individual topics from three of our all-time most popular RF/Wireless courses at your own pace - via the RF/Wireless Passport program - included with  your subscription - from Besser Associates.

Courses covered:

112 - RF Wireless Circuits, Systems and Test - (comprised of topic groups A, B, C)
267 - RF/5G Smartphone Architecture - Partially Available (comprised of topic groups C, D)
042 - RF and High Speed PCB Design - Partially Available (comprised of topic groups A, E, F)

Topic groups rotate through the subscription program approximately every eight months. Take as long as your like - complete up to two courses in one year (over $2,000 value), or all three courses in two years (over $3,000 value). Or take longer - just extend your subscription as long as you like, all while enjoying all of the other great subscription courses and tutorials as well.

  • Topics have been organized into groups using a "Passport" format, allowing you to complete segments of courses and track your completion progress.
  • Some topic groups appear in multiple courses - earn progress for multiple courses at once!
  • View lectures by instructor Rick Fornes and answer some basic review questions to "stamp" your passport towards completing the courses. Earn a certificate of completion for a course when all topic groups for that course are completed.
  • Complete all courses and receive an "RF/Wireless Passport - World of Wireless" certificate.

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