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RF Power Amplifier Design Techniques Course Now On-demand

RF Power Amplifier Design Techniques Course Now On-demand

Sep 2022

Now On-Demand: RF Power Amplifier Design Techniques 

Now available on-demand: over 30 hours of instruction from Dr. Ali Darwish. Enjoy 120 days of access to this intensive training course. Sign up now!

Power amplifiers are crucially important in determining a communications system cost, efficiency, size, and weight. Designing high power / high efficiency amplifiers that satisfy the system requirements (bandwidth, linearity, spectral mask, etc.) is challenging. It involves difficult trade-offs, proper understanding of the theory, and careful attention to details. Additionally, designing, building, and testing power amplifiers usually pushes test equipment and lab components to their limits and frequently results in damage to the circuit or lab equipment. This course will examine the different aspects of this challenge with emphasis on hand-on exercises and practical tips to build power amplifiers successfully. This course will include thorough information on GaN power amplifiers. Differences between GaN pHEMT, Si LDMOS,GaAs MESFETs, and SiGe will be discussed.