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RF Wireless Orientation: Devices and Industry Literacy

Besser Associates is pleased to annouce a new online course series coming soon: RF/Wireless Orientation: Devices and Industry Literacy

This new updated and reorganized series, based on our classic "RF and Wireless Made Simple" course is the perfect orientation for all "non-technical" employees in the RF/Wireless product industry. Everyone in your organization who needs to quickly appreciate the challenges and tradeoffs involved with producing wireless devices will benefit from this program. Take both sections, or just the basics, depending on your needs. Best of all, this program is incuded in our new RF Mentor Academy Subscription training program on RF Mentor Academy!

Part I, which is recommended for all personnel, covers the basics that make RF and Wireless device design especially challenging. Building blocks and key acronyms like TDMA, CDMA, QAM, OFDMA are defined. You will even learn how to work with dB values!

Part II delves deeper into the operation of the transceiver hardware. What each part does and the physical tradeoffs that are involved.

After Parts 1 and II, enhance your knowledge with recommended in-depth tutorials from the subscription program covering specific applications, such as mobile phones, WiFI, personal devices and the internet of things, satellite and radar.

Of course, those who are looking for more technical background can go on to take our RF Technology Certification and Applied RF Engineering online courses as well.

RF Mentor Academy Subscription

A continuously updated collection of courses and tutorials presented by the experts from Besser Associates. Buy your subscription for US$995 for a one-year (365 day) term.

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Bonus: Extra Courses for a Limited Time

RF Mentor Academy Subscription now offers two additional classroom recording courses valued at $995 each through the end of January.

Value Added

The subscription content will typically include at a minimum two or three full-length “Web Classroom” courses available during a one-year period. Each course is valued at a retail price of $695.

Example Web Classroom courses (see current subscription catalog for availability):

  • Phase Noise and Jitter
  • EMC/EMI Shielding and Grounding for Chip and PCB Layout
  • GaN Power Amplifiers
  • Power Amplifier ABC's Course

Premium Tutorial Webinars

As part of your paid subscription, you will have access to our Premium Tutorial Webinars. The subscription model allows the instructors to present premium content without restrictions. Premium Tutorial Webinars are a product, not an advertisement.

Current Premium Tutorial Webinars include:

  • What Will 5G Be?
  • Satellite Communications
  • Introduction to Receivers
  • Digital Modulation

Upcoming Premium Tutorial Webinars (subject to change):

  • Error Detection and Correction
  • Adaptive Filters and GSO
  • AGC using Control Theory
  • Probability for Digital Communications
  • Spread Spectrum and Anti-jam
  • Direction Finding using 3-Dimensional Interferometers
  • Global Positioning System GPS

Blogs and Short Videos

Hear the latest from our experts in the field. What they’re working on, their perspectives on developing techniques and technologies via the subscription blog. Available exclusively to RF Mentor Academy paid subscribers.

Two Ways to Sign Up

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1.) Purchase your subscription right here on the Besser Associates website (follow the "Register Now" link). We will setup your RFMentor account and Academy subscription within 1 business day.

2.) Purchase the subscription at RFMentor Academy. When your purchase is complete, your subscription will be automatically activated.

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