Analog/Mixed Signal Digital Design

Wireless transmission via RF signals is only part of the challenge in building communications products. In today's small products, the RF. analog and digital circuits must all coexist in close proximity to each other. Understanding how to allow circuits in each of these domains to operate effectively while causing minimal impact on the other signals is of key importance.
These courses develop the student's fundamental understanding of DSP theory. The practical aspects of signal processing techniques are stressed allowing DSP professionals to make their processing algorithms more efficient.

DSP - Understanding Digital Signal Processing (027)

Digital Signal Processing and Wireless Communications (029)

RF Power Amplifier Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) & Behavioral Modeling (212)

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These courses discuss issues that are relevant to designing systems-on-chip products.

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This topic provides both the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to design frequency synthesis circuits and systems using phase-locked loops and related technologies. Key topics covered include: Laplace transfer function, phase noise, oscillators, fractional-n PLL, direct digital synthsis.

Frequency Synthesis and Phase-Locked Loop Design (052)

Phase Noise and Jitter - Web Classroom (220)

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