Rex Frobenius

Rex Frobenius has been working at Besser Associates for over 19 years, where he is VP of Engineering and co-owner. To date he has presented nearly one hundred courses to over one thousand students in the United States, Europe, and Asia. His main focus has been course development for linear RF circuit design and test and measurement courses, with his latest project having been the online RF Technology Certification program. He has been the co-author of several articles and has co-authored the recently published text "RF Measurements for Cellular Phones and Wireless Data Systems" with Al Scott. Working for Besser Associates has given Rex the unique opportunity to be mentored by many of the industry's leading engineers including company founder Les Besser. He received his BSEE from UC Davis and also has a BA in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley, which makes him uniquely qualified to develop and present materials for training in the RF industry. Rex has developed several Java-based RF-related utility applets which are featured in Besser training courses and available for free on the website.

Upcoming Courses:

RF and Wireless Made Simple - On Demand :  On Demand, RF Mentor e-Learning
RF Productivity: Core Analytical Tools :  On Demand, RF Mentor e-Learning
RF Productivity: Signals and Propagation :  On Demand, RF Mentor e-Learning
RF Productivity: Test Equipment :  On Demand, RF Mentor e-Learning
RF Productivity: Wireless/Radio System Components :  On Demand, RF Mentor e-Learning
Applied RF Engineering I - Circuits and Transmission Lines Online :  On Demand, RF Mentor e-Learning
RF Technology Certification - Online Jan 29-Jul 30, 2021:  Scheduled Online Course, RF Mentor e-Learning