NEW Courses

We are constantly adding and updating our course offerings. Here are some programs that have been added or significantly modified in recent months.

RF Wireless Circuits, Systems and Test Fundamentals - Online (112)

 :  On Demand, Besser Associates Online Academy: Presented by: Rick Fornes

RF Mentor Academy Subscription (279)

The RF Mentor Academy Subscription program allows unilimited access to a continuously updated selection of online training courses, premium tutorial webinars, and other features for a one-year term at a fixed price. Sign up now and get access to over $1500 in training right away!

 :  On Demand, Besser Associates Online Academy: Presented by: Jeff Lange

Applied RF Engineering II - Wireless Digital Signals (271)

This new online course is the next step in our popular Applied RF Engineering online series. Based on feedback from our corporate customers, this course covers topics related to signals, modulation, propagation, and antennas. As an added bonus, students are encouraged to work on signal processing labs using Octave/Matlab to create and explore modulation waveforms. Coming soon - check back often or send us a message for more information!
 Sep 12-Feb 10, 2023:  RF Certifications Online, Besser Associates Online Academy: Presented by: Rex Frobenius

5G Radio Systems and Wireless Networks (265)

This three day course provides comprehensive information on the 5G wireless network with a focus on physical layer and air interface technologies. The course starts with a review of cellular standards evolution and the shortcomings that 5G addresses. Next we move on to describe the modulation waveforms and also look at the issues that are introduced by working with higher GHz frequency bands. Further topics include Massive MIMO, network architecture, 5G system features, and evolutionary services.

5G, mm-Wave Antennas: Phased Arrays, Propagation, Integration and Test (268)

This two day course provides participants with coverage of antenna, integration, test, and propagation topics associated with millimeter Wave (mm-Wave) and 5G applications. The course provides an understanding of basic antenna property definitions, antenna fundamentals and considerations, antenna types and mm-Wave propagation fundamentals. The course provides information on how antenna properties and propagation characteristics affect communication systems. Topics also covered include how to test and measure mm-Wave antenna performance.

5G Radio and Smartphone RF Architecture Fundamentals (267)

This course is intended for design, application and test engineers as well as technicians wanting to learn about the fundamentals of handset RF architectures, including aspects of the radio design covering the entire signal chain from the RF input to the A/D Digital interface. The aim is understand system design methods to dissect the different radio architectures with emphasis on the physical layer (RF) for the most advanced commercial 4G-LTE and the new MIMO-5G systems.