Fundamental RF Circuit Concepts & Parameters

Participants will learn how circuits operate differently at high frequencies: the effect of parasitics, mismatches, reflections, etc.. Specialized techniques and parameters that are employed to work with circuits at higher frequencies, such as S-parameters, the Smith Chart, matching techniques, etc. are covered.

Applied RF Techniques I (001)

This five day course covers RF & wireless concepts at an in-depth level that is suitable for designers and lead technical personnel. The program starts with the effects of parasitics and mismatches, and moves on to S-parameters and the Smith Chart. The longer format moves on to design techniques and allows time for examples to be worked on in class.

RF Technology Certification - Online (009)

This three day course covers fundamental concepts as well as discussing the roles of circuit components used in wireless communications systems. The objective is to understand how wireless systems work and to gain intuition about performance specifications for the integral components.
 Apr 18-Oct 14, 2022:  Scheduled Online Course, RF Mentor e-Learning: Presented by: Rex Frobenius