RF Power Amplifier Design Part 1 of 4

Course 291

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See Course 289 for complete outline details.

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The material consists of the 8 sessions from course 289 divided into four parts for your convenience. Part one includes these sessions:

Session 1: Introduction to Power Amplifiers

In this session, you will learn the basics of power amplifiers, such as their definition, classification, parameters, and applications. You will also learn about the challenges and trade-offs involved in power amplifier design, such as efficiency, linearity, bandwidth, and stability.

Session 2: Power Amplifier Fundamentals

In this session, you will learn the fundamental concepts and theories of power amplifier design, such as load-line analysis, power gain, output power, power-added efficiency, and distortion. You will also learn how to use Smith charts and impedance matching networks to design power amplifiers.