Eslam Yahya Tawfik

Prof. Eslam Yahya Tawfik leads a research team in the area of Digital SoC Design, Hardware Security & Assurance, AI / Machine Learning, and Secure Hardware Accelerators. He is currently serving as a research Professor at the ECE department, The Ohio State University. Prior to joining OSU, he served as Assistant Professor in the American University in Cairo, and research associate in INPG France. Prof. Tawfik research is funded by different government and industry agencies such as AFRL, SRC, ADI, Intel, AMD, TI, MediaTek, IBM, Siemens, and STMicroelectronics. He is an IEEE Senior Member and he has served as an Organizer, Program Chair, a Technical Program Committee member and a regular Reviewer for several international conferences and journals. In addition to his research activities, Tawfik is the founder of RobusTech Silicon Art, a startup in the area of IP design and silicon fabrication of intelligent and secure systems.