Eric Drucker

Eric Drucker has almost 33 years of RF/analog circuit design experience, mainly in the area of high performance synthesizer/PLL design. He received his BS from the University of Michigan in 1972 and his MSEE from Stanford University in 1974. He spent 18 plus years at the Fluke Corporation, the majority of the time in the signal generator group and a few years designing high-speed cable testers for LAN applications. After the signal generator group was dissolved at Fluke in 1991 and sold to Giga-tronics he joined them for a short time and continued to consult for them throughout the 1990’s. While still in Seattle, he joined a start-up, Metawave Communications where he designed circuitry for smart antenna systems. He also worked for Datacom Technologies and Motorola for short periods during the 90’s.

In 2000 he accepted a position with Agilent Technologies in Santa Rosa, CA in the frequency synthesis advanced development group. He is responsible for forward-looking system and circuit design of high-performance state of the art frequency synthesizers that are used throughout Agilent’s product line.

He is also part of an Agilent sponsored collaboration with Sonoma State University to start an electrical engineering program. Here he is currently teaching Electronics I, the first class on active devices and circuits. He also teaches short courses for Besser Associates, Inc. He has 10 patents.