Les Besser

In 1985 Les Besser formed Besser Associates, an organization dedicated to continuing education. He retired and sold Besser Associates in 2004.

A native of Hungary, Les Besser began his engineering career in 1966 in Hewlett Packard's Microwave Division, developing broadband microwave components, receiving a patent for the first thin-film amplifier circuitry used in the CATV industry. Next, he concentrated on MICs, GaAs FET Amplifiers, and CATV systems at the Microwave and Optolectronics Group of Fairchild. During this time he became interested in CAD and wrote the SPEEDY program that offered a transistor database with high-frequency device parameters. He later joined Farinon Electric Company to direct their microcircuit design and development effort. During that period he authored COMPACT, the first commercially successful microwave circuit optimization routine, soon to become the industry standard. He then founded Compact Software, a CAD software company, and was active in serving the engineering design needs of the RF/Microwave industry during the next ten years. In 1980, his company merged with Communication Satellite Corporation (COMSAT) where Dr. Besser functioned as a Senior Vice President. He was instrumental in the formation of the RF EXPO Short Course program between 1986 and 1991. From 1988 to 1990 he also served as Editorial Director of Microwave Systems News (MSN) magazine.

Dr. Besser has published over 70 technical articles, contributed to and co-authored several textbooks, including the two-volume, Practical RF Circuit Design for Modern Wireless Systems. He has been involved in numerous IEEE activities. A Life Fellow of the IEEE, in 1983 he received the IEEE MTT "Microwave Applications Award," the IEEE RFTG "Career Award" in 1987, the IEEE “Third Centennial Medal" in 2000, the IEEE Educational Activities Board’s “Meritorious Achievement Award in Continuing Education” in 2006 and the IEEE MTT “Distinguished Educator” award in 2007. He is also listed in Marquis' "Who Is Who In The World," and in Microwave Hall of Fame.