Istvan Novak

Dr. Istvan Novak, Distinguished Engineer, Signal and Power Integrity, SUN Microsystems, Inc., Boston, MA

In the past eleven years Dr. Novak was responsible for the power distribution and high-speed signal integrity designs of SUN's successful V880, V480, V890, V490, V440, T1000, T2000, T5120 and T5220 midrange server families. He introduced the industry's first 1-mil laminates into volume-produced server PCBs, and drove the multi-company development of controlled-ESR and low-inductance bypass capacitors. He was SUN's representative on the InfiniBand Cable and Connector Workgroup. He is engaged in the methodologies, designs and characterization of power-distribution networks.

Dr.Novak has thirty years of experience with high-speed digital, RF, and analog circuit and system design and has twenty five patents. He is Fellow of IEEE for his contributions to the signal-integrity and RF measurements as well as simulation methodologies, lead-author of the book "Frequency-Domain Characterization of Power Distribution Networks" (Artech House, 2007) and Executive Editor of the book "Power Distribution Design Methodologies" (IEC, 2008).

Previously Dr. Novák advised the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN) on signal-integrity and EMC issues for Fibre Channel data-collection systems of the Large Hadron Collider. He worked and consulted for several companies in the computer and telecommunications industry, to do clock- and power-distribution networks, switching-mode power converters as well as high-speed backplanes, and copper and optical interconnects in the GB/s range.

Dr. Novak had his technical education from the Technical University of Budapest, and his Ph.D. degree from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He organized and led the High Speed Technology Team at the Technical University of Budapest, where his teaching activity covered transmission lines and wave propagation, communications systems, EMC and signal-integrity issues of high-speed designs.